Welcome. You could consider this a bit of an escape: for you, my readers, and especially for me, the author. For more than twelve years, I have been working on building a world for my characters and my stories, and for the first time in that span of years, I think I am finally getting close.

Esrail, a world full of elves and magic and growing unrest, is the backdrop for my upcoming series, in which I have the chance to share the story of Nerissa and Elidor—two strangers who share nothing more than a chance meeting and the desire for something more than what life has given them. You can follow me on their adventure and their struggles through racial prejudice, tightly-kept secrets, and slow-growing fondness for one another.

Thank you for the chance to share this world and this story with you. I hope you will find an escape, just as I have, and that even if it is only a few moments, you can call it home.